Hitchcock, the master of villainous suspense in a 9-minute mash up

The talented creatives and editors have a great time in super well-crafted film mash-ups. New example in date signed Fabrice Mathieu, who transforms Alfred Hitchcock into a cold and methodical killer in his film Master of Suspense. As obvious.

Hitch as a supervillain hero of a short film where he knocks out the actors of his films one by one? It's possible in this very well put together mash up made from around thirty films by the master of suspense and his famous cameos (brief appearances by the filmmaker in his own films and trailers).

Cameos galore

The opportunity to explore cinematography and an aesthetic without equal in the world of cinema, all set to new music largely inspired by Bernard Herrmann. All these expertly edited excerpts (with some SFX, you'll see, especially for the PIP overlays) form a true, almost silent story where Alfred Hitchcock once again plays the suspense card with many chilling camera gazes. WE love !