Euro 2024, no Ultra HD 4K capture, it's confirmed...

A month ago, we echoed information relating to the production of the next Euro 2024 (European football championship), which will be held in Germany next year from June 14 to 14 July. Namely that it would not be captured in Ultra HD 4K but in simple high definition” (see our Euro 2024 news, no Ultra HD 4K capture?). Unfortunately it is confirmed…

If the statement on the occasion of Tim Achberger, technical director of Sportcast, the company in charge of producing Bundesliga matches (the German football championship), during the Sky Sport Summit 2023 event, an appointment annual review of live recording professionals had surprised us to the point of expressing doubts about its veracity, it has unfortunately been confirmed.

Euro 2024, no Ultra HD 4K broadcast confirmed

This confirmation comes from Karl Petermichi, the head of Austrian broadcast broadcasting, via a tweet on his X account. UEFA has therefore decided not to produce Euro 2024 in Ultra HD 4K. Undoubtedly the current situation of streaming services around the world (for example the Disney+ case, see our news on the case of 4 million fewer subscribers on Disney+, but Netflix or Amazon are in the same boat), seeking at all costs for the vast majority of them to reduce their expenses to recover their profitability and for some rare ones to improve it, weighed heavily in the decision of the european union of football associations.

Curious decision if any, especially with the proximity of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games which will be held a few days later from July 26 to August 11, and which will be well captured and broadcast in Ultra HD 4K (see our news France 2 UHD 4K and France 3 UHD 4K from September 2023 on DTT, 100% of the population covered for the Paris 2024 Olympics).