$50,000 (minimum) for one of the first checks signed Steve Jobs

$50,000 starting price for this old $100 check up for auction. But not just any check…

A vintage computer, Steve Jobs' old sandals, a notice from the time... Objects related to the history of Apple are highly sought after by collectors, ready to pay tens of thousands of dollars to acquire a piece of legend. And credit cards will heat up again since the auction site RR Auctions recently put on sale a series of about fifty of these collector's items, among which… a check.

100 $ circuit board at Ramlor

With an estimated starting price of $50,000, this check has the particularity of being one of the first to bear the signatures of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, co-founders of Apple (with Ronald Wayne). It was issued on March 19, 1976, two weeks before the official founding of Apple. The beneficiary is the Ramlor company, which then supplied printed circuits for the construction of the first Apple computers.

Note that the amount of the check is $116.97 in figures, but only $100.97 in words. A quirk that makes the object even more attractive. Auctions will close on August 24. Other pieces for sale include a business card of Steve Jobs when he was president of NeXT, an Apple 1 computer signed by Wozniak, or a 2007 iPhone in its original box (one more).