Barbie in 4K Ultra HD on November 30, pre-orders open

A colorful success far from being the superficial film that some feared, Barbie never ceases to make admissions. Its 4K Ultra HD release is looming for the month of November and is still in danger of sweeping everything.

While waiting for a Ken film which would already be in development (gender equality, no jealousy after all), Barbie, the fun and clever film by Greta Gerwig, co-written with her companion Noah Baumbach and set to music by -excuse me du peu- Mark Ronson (Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars, that's him, but also Amy Winehouse's Black to Black album in 2006, or even Only Shallow, Lady Gaga's hit for A Star is Born), arrives at home, in the "real" world.

Barbie 4K pre-orders open

Nothing official yet from the publisher Warner (we imagine that the big com like the film will arrive at the start of the school year and not in the heart of summer), but Barbie has already appeared at some web merchants. Do not waste time, our little finger tells us that it should go at lightning speed so much the universe of the film and its magical look (or the reverse) are cut for the most advanced installations. Access to the Barbie 4K Ultra HD pre-order by clicking right here.