Saved by his iPhone after falling 120 meters

A car that goes off the road and falls from a cliff 120 meters, the consequences would undoubtedly have been fatal if the iPhone 14 had not been in the equation.

Crash detection and satellite call, two functions introduced on the latest iPhone 14 and which have already helped to save a few lives. And it's not over as a man recently ran off the road at Mount Wilson near Los Angeles, his car ending up 120 meters below in a canyon. Neither one nor two, his iPhone 14 first detected the accident to immediately call the emergency services, using the satellite call since the area was not covered by the cellular network.

Speak to Steve Goldsworthy, Rescue Operations Manager Montrose Search and Rescue

Thanks to the precise location information sent by the iPhone, the emergency services quickly recovered the injured person by helicopter. "He was 120 meters deep in a canyon with virtually no way out," said Steve Goldsworthy, chief of rescue operations at Montrose Search and Rescue. So who knows when, or even if we would have found him.” And to add that the man would have been emptied of his blood if he had not been rescued in time. Source: CBS News