World TV market: average diagonal over 50'' for the first time in May 2023

According to the analysis and market research organization Omdia, the average diagonal of televisions marketed in the world exceeded the size of 50'' (127 cm) for the first time, in May 2023.

It's a fact that for several years, the size of TVs in homes around the world has been constantly increasing. But a milestone has just been reached, that of the 50'' (127 cm) mark for the average diagonal of television sets shipped from manufacturers to their customers in the four corners of the world, the brands.

Increase in the average size of TVs, good news for the market

A finding that occurred in May 2023 which constitutes a small island of good news in the middle of an ocean of slump linked to a market that has been significantly at half mast since the start of 2022. The fault in the first place is over-equipment consumers of technological goods, including televisions, during the health crisis (difficult to buy a new TV every two years); the fault above all of a sluggish economic situation due to the return of inflation following the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian war on February 24, 2022.

TV market, changing medium size

As a reminder, the average size of TVs was 46.8'' in August 2022, 49'' in December 2022, 49.5'' in March 2023 and therefore 50.2'' in May 2023 ( data collected from manufacturers BOE, CSOT, CHOT, LG Display and Sharp).