Next PS5 with a 5nm processor for lower consumption and heat

In parallel with the leaks on the PS5 Pro Project Trinity (see our news PS5 Pro Project Trinity in 2024: 8K, Ray Tracing and development kit available at the end of 2023), other information appeared on Twitter, signed Zuby_Tech.

Without further details, Zuby_Tech announces for a new PlayStation 5 (CFI-1300 series to come) a new chip engraved in 5 nm, against 7 nm for the current PS5.

5nm chip for less heat and lower consumption

The use of this new processor, which is significantly reduced in size thanks to this very fine engraving, means less energy consumption and therefore less heat generation. Not to mention an overall power increase, without however specifying it. Other info, consistent with the announced calorific performance of the 5 nm chip, this new PS5 would not be equipped with liquid metal cooling, without affecting its operating noise.

First PS5 Slim leaks?

New remarkable technical characteristics, certainly, but not enough to associate them with the PS5 Pro which should display eminently more powerful resources. On the other hand, these could be perfectly suitable for a PS5 Slim mentioned via rumors for several months (cf. PlayStation 5 soon cheaper?).