PS5 Pro Project Trinity in 2024: 8K, Ray Tracing and development kit available at the end of 2023

Journalist Tom Henderson, whose information on PlayStation consoles has often been verified, struck again with details on the next PS5 Pro via his new Keytogaming site. He reiterates his agenda with the availability of the PS5 Pro set for 2024 (and the PS6 for 2028) and also gives some technical information on the beast.

The code name of the PS5 Pro would therefore be Project Trinity, a new reference to the Matrix, like the PS4 Pro whose name was Neo and the PS VR2 known as Morpheus. Several prototypes would already be finalized and used for internal demonstrations and with key developers. Finally, the development kits would be sent to developers as early as November 2023.

PS5 Pro, what developments?

On the program of the PS5 Pro, according to Tom Henderson of course, a significant increase in power allowing an increased display frequency for a constant Ultra HD 4K quality and faster Ray Tracing rendering. These new resources could also be used by developers to offer an Ultra HD 8K Performance mode on certain games.

Tom Henderson did not content himself with generic information, he gave two technical details, 30 WGP (Work Group Processors therefore potentially 60 computing units against 36 on the PS5) equivalent to a Radeon 7800 XT graphics card and 18,000 mts (megatransfers per second) GDDR6 against 14,000 mts on the PS5.

As we can see, if this information is true, the PS5 Pro would offer much greater potential than the PS5.