Farewell to the Essential Netflix option? The noose is tightening...

The arrival of advertising on Netflix pushes out one of the platform's "historic" subscription options, the Essential offer, which has already disappeared in Canada, and now in the USA and the United Kingdom.

In most countries, including France, Netflix offers four subscription options: Essential with ads (€5.99/month), Essential (€8.99), Standard (€13.49) and Premium (€17.99).

Disappearance of the Netflix Essential offer in Canada, United States and United Kingdom

Introducing advertising for the first time on the service, the first of these options arrived only a few months ago and could simply replace the "Essential" offer. In any case, it happened a few weeks ago in Canada, and more recently in two key markets for Netflix: the United States and the United Kingdom. In these countries, there are now only three options for new subscribers: Standard with advertising, Standard and Premium. Note that the Essential with pub option has been renamed Standard with pub, to standardize the names. Also note that current Essential subscribers keep their option until they cancel it.

Don't be surprised if other countries, including France, are affected by this restructuring in the coming weeks…