News from The Last of Us seasons 2 and… 3

Craig Mazin, co-creator and screenwriter of The Last of Us series, recently spoke about the sequel to The Last of Us series with lots of fresh good news.

In his own words, several new writers had joined him and Neil Druckmann to write the new season, before the writers and now actors strike broke out.

Clickers should appear more

“We already know what all of Season 2 looks like and we were able to submit the first episode to HBO just before the writers' strike broke out. While waiting for the end of the strike, the author is deep in thought: We will have to get back to work quickly, he specifies. It is possible that The Last of Us season 2 will be well broadcast in 2025. We had taken a little margin to be in phase with the weather (the season takes place in winter and outside, filming must take place Vancouver) . But it melts like snow in the sun. Of course, we cannot wait forever. If the strike lasts much longer, we will inevitably have to push back, and that will not be good for anyone, neither the public nor HBO (which broadcasts the series). We are going to do things that will be similar to what happens in the game but also different things, whether you have played the game or not, you will be surprised by season 2. We have interesting twists before we promise: the Clickers should appear more next season”.

In conclusion, he also announced that a season 3 was planned in the event of success of season 2, that the story would not end there. All you have to do is cross your fingers. Source: Deadline