Persepolis in 4K? Feminist, revolutionary, brilliant, Marjane by Marjane

Persepolis remastered in 4K, what great news. A trailer to discover immediately before its release in theaters and on video in October.

For her first film adapted from her autobiographical comic strip, we can say that Marjane Satrapi made an impression in 2007 with Persepolis, an animated nugget about the exile of a little girl who left Tehran in 1978 during the fall of the regime of the Shah and the arrival of the Islamic Republic, as far as Austria, in Vienna, where the rebellious teenager with a well-hung tongue will be confronted with other problems.

October 18 in 4K Ultra HD?

Remastered in 4K under the supervision of Marjane Satrapi herself, Persepolis and its very symbolic B&W will be released in cinemas on July 26 and on video on October 18 at Studiocanal, probably in 4K Ultra HD, even if nothing has been confirmed yet. time to write these lines.

Marjane at the 2024 Games

Not necessarily on the front of the stage despite his two Césars, Satrapi adapted his comic book Poulet aux prunes with Mathieu Amalric to the cinema in 2010, then signed The Voices in 2014, a crazy comedy with black humor with Ryan Reynold. Also a painter, we should find his graphic work on a tapestry from the Manufacture des Gobelins commissioned by the Ministry of Culture for the 2024 Olympic Games.