Apple AirPods soon allies of your health?

Hearing aid on current models, and temperature measurement on future AirPods, that's what Apple is currently preparing.

The arrival on the Apple AirPods headphones of health-related functions has been discussed since last year, and Mark Gurman of Bloomberg reiterates his assertions on the subject, giving new details.

Apple AirPods, hearing test device?

It thus indicates that with the arrival at the start of the new school year of iOS17 on iPhone, a new function for hearing health will arrive on AirPods (probably only Pro models), allowing the user to carry out sound tests if he has listening problems. Incidentally, Apple is exploring the possibility of positioning AirPods as hearing aids, now that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration, body responsible for regulating medical devices in the USA) has approved the sale of these products without a prescription.

Apple AirPods with built-in thermometer

As for the future, Gurman announces -once again- the temperature measurement function on the next AirPods, which would however only arrive in several months or even years. Unlike the thermometer on Apple Watch, the one on AirPods would be much more precise and would prevent infections. Finally, the "leaker" adds that USB-C versions of the current AirPods could arrive very soon.