You thought the Apple Vision Pro was too expensive...

The new Apple mixed reality headset has not yet been released and a luxurious version -eleven times more expensive- is already in the works. It's normal in Russia.

Specializing in luxurious mods of tech gadgets since 2011, Russian company Caviar is getting ahead of the game by announcing a "pimped up" version of the newly unveiled Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset, which won't be released until later. 'next year.

Apple Vision Pro with 18K Gold Visor and Connolly Leather

This edition is inspired by luxurious accessories such as Tom Ford visor glasses, or Gucci ski goggles, with a visor added in front of the external screen, for users who do not want to show their eyes. The headband will be made of legendary Connolly leather, supplier for the British royal court or Rolls Royce. Naturally, the whole thing is plated with 18 carat gold.

Only 24 copies of this luxury Apple Vision Pro will be produced, at an indicative price of… $39,900.