Breath of the Storm: Alan J. Pakula Explores American Space

Rancher Ella Connors (Jane Fonda) is saddled with debt. She nevertheless refuses to part with the paternal inheritance coveted by Jacob Ewing (Jason Robards), who is determined to expand his domain. Trouble begins when she sells a piece of her land to two demobilized soldiers...

Two after The President's Men, the final piece in the trilogy of paranoia inaugurated with Kulte (1971) and followed by Because of an assassination in 1974, Alan J. Pakula leaves the megacities and their oppressive architecture to reconnect with the great spaces of American mythology.

The last pioneers

Worn by extraordinary actors -Jane Fonda, James Caan, Jason Robards-, Breath of the Storm, which takes place after the Second World War, questions the place of men -the last pioneers- in a country that is not not quite the same.

Announced as a Blu-Ray/DVD combo on July 5 from Rimini Editions, the film will be available in English and French DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0 with French subtitles, in 2.40 aspect ratio .Indicative price: 24.99 euros.