Farewell to the Essential option on Netflix?

The recent arrival of advertising on Netflix could push out one of the platform's "historic" subscription options, the Essential offer.

In most countries, including France, Netflix offers four subscription options: Essential with ads (€5.99/month), Essential (€8.99), Standard (€13.49), and Premium (€17.99).

Essential and Essential with pub options replaced by Standard with pub option

Introducing advertising for the first time to the service, the first of these options arrived only a few months ago and could quite simply replace its “Essential” ancestor. This is suggested by a decision recently and quietly taken by Netflix in Canada, which now only offers three options for new subscribers: Standard with ads, Standard, and Premium. Note that the Essential with ads option has been renamed Standard with ads, to standardize the names (see screenshot above).

For the moment, the company does not confirm if this decision is final, nor if it will affect other countries in the future, and does not explain what will be decided for current subscribers still in Essential mode. Source: blogto