Netflix, Frame Rate Matching feature available on Android 12/Google TV

Good news, the latest Netflix app update for Android 12/Google TV supports Frame Rate Matching for higher picture quality.

The information was published by our colleagues at Flatpanelshd (we haven't been able to verify it yet), the latest version of the Netflix application (10.0.4) for Android 12/Google TV finally manages the frequencies so-called full (24 fps) and fractional (23.976 fps) content images. In addition to 50fps and 60fps, of course.

Frame Rate Matching function, Netflix leads the way on Android 12/Google TV

As a reminder, if the original frequency of the different content is not managed correctly by the player (application, box, etc.), this inevitably leads to a “judder” phenomenon. Accuracy too, unlike the Apple TV box which supports the Frame Rate Matching function for all the applications available on the App Store, in the Android universe it is up to each publisher to integrate it into its application. Netflix is therefore the first of its kind on Android 12/Google TV and shows the way forward. We now hope that others will do the same in the weeks/months to come…