Who wants a presto “helicopter” flying pizza?

Pizza delivery, is it tech? Yes with Domino's new jet packs.

The jet packs, aka jet packs, arrive for a life-size test at the famous Glastonbury Festival in the UK, which runs from yesterday until July 26 and will see the very last concert of Elton John.

And presto, a pizza delivered by the air

As Paris prepares to test flying taxis for the Olympic Games next year (everything is ready, all that is missing is the "-go" from the competent authorities), the famous pizza chain Domino's is exploring the delivery of pizzas through the air using jet packs.

Named Cyberpunk, this new delivery method offered by Domino's should attract crowds to the festival. A good way also to avoid the famous mud of Glastonbury, resulting from the rather uncertain local weather and the 200,000 festival-goers welcomed in the open fields. A great publicity stunt but which already foreshadows new modes of travel and delivery in a future that is now closer than distant. Source: The Independent