iOS 17 and the Screen Distance function against myopia

Very soon, the iPhone will warn you if you look at it too closely, just to preserve your precious peepers.

According to specialists, there is a link between myopia and focusing your vision too long and too closely on a subject. What's more, our eyes are not really adapted to prolonged use of screens. And it is enough to observe the children who use smartphones or tablets to see how far they are far too close.

iOS 17 Screen Distance function, to fight against myopia

Fortunately, Apple is watching. A new function called Screen Distance is coming to the new iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 operating systems at the start of the school year. Concretely, if the iPhone (or iPad) detects that you are looking at it from less than 30 cm away, it will alert you and even prevent you from using it until you return to a correct viewing interval.

Screen Distance function, from iPhone XS iPad Pro 2018

Naturally the function is optional, but seems a priori interesting to avoid future myopia for children addicted to the screen. Finally, be aware that Screen Distance takes advantage of the TrueDepth sensor, and it will only work from iPhone XS and later, as well as iPad Pro 2018 and later.