Squid Game in reality TV mode, broadcast in November (teaser)

Reality TV show based on the fascinating Korean Netflix series, Squid Game: the Challenge will hit our screens before winter.

It was both cynical, twisted and inevitable: Netflix announced last year a reality TV show based on the Squid Game series, you know, the one that tells the story of a game where the elimination means… death.

The winner will take home $456 million

Named Squid Game: the Challenge, the show divided into 10 episodes will bring together 456 candidates (as in the series). At the end, there will only be one left, he will win $456 million. As for the others… they will return home in good health (well we hope, especially since the shooting conditions would have apparently been a bit complicated).

One, two, three, sun… in November

At its recent “Tudum” event, Netflix revealed that the show will air next November, and even released a short video teaser (below). Few details are revealed, except that the atmosphere will be very close to that of the series, and that the famous "one, two, three, sun" will be part of it.