2-in-1 concept: the smartwatch… in the smartphone

A bit like a super duo of transformable robots, this concept inspired by Sony Xperia houses a connected watch on the back of a smartphone.

While it is more often Apple that inspires designers of all persuasions for the craziest concepts, the invention of the day draws its ideas from Sony, featuring a fictional Xperia-WX710 smartphone, and another no longer fictional Xperia smartwatch.

Smartwatch in a smartphone, 2 in 1 concept

Designer Shantanu Maheshwari (at Yanko Design) imagined a kind of square recess at the back of the phone, in which the connected watch can be housed, bracelet removed of course (see illustrations above). Double interest for this concept: an additional screen at the back of the mobile, and the possibility of charging your watch wirelessly thanks to the battery of the smartphone (via the Reverse Charging function).

Not sure of the viability of the concept, but there's no denying it, it's impressive.