Live sports on Netflix for the first time this fall?

Netflix's first-ever live sports broadcast could take place before the end of the year, and it will be…golf!

Since last year, the Netflix streaming platform has sought to diversify by also offering live content. A desire that has recently materialized with the show of Chris Rock and which could extend to more ambitious programs. On the Prime Video side, for example, we have recently been able to attend live concerts, including that of Depeche Mode, from the huge Primavera Festival in Spain.

Stars on the fairway

Sports broadcasts are clearly a draw for the public, the advertisers, and therefore the dollars. According to information collected by The Wall Street Journal, Netflix is in talks to create a celebrity golf tournament in Las Vegas, which will be broadcast live.

Netflix, the streamer, must prove its worth as a broadcaster! !!!

So yes, we are still a long way from Ligue 1 football, but know that it is literally war to organize this kind of event, starting with the appropriation of broadcasting rights: there is no so long, ESPN snagged the Formula 1 rights from Netflix. Also, Netflix is a beginner in this field and will be able to somehow "prove its worth" with this first try to aspire to more prestigious in the future.