Panasonic 2023 TV: 6 series, 22 Oled, Mini LED, Full LED and LED references

The 2023 Ultra HD 4K Panasonic TV range includes 22 new references and intends to meet all consumer needs, from 42'' to 85'', based on Mini LED, Oled and LED technologies.

Panasonic therefore announces its entire 2023 TV range a few days before summer, with a total of 6 new TV series and 22 models.

3 Oled series, 1 Mini LED series, 1 Full LED series and 1 LED series

As you will see, the 2023 TV range has many technologies, Oled Evo Meta/MLA, Oled Evo, Mini LED, Full LED and LED. Likewise, eclecticism is also in order in terms of the operating system: My Home Screen 8.0 for the MZ2000/MZ1500 TVs and the MX950/MX940, Google TV for the MZ800 specimens and Fire TV for the MX800.

Panasonic TV 2023 range structure

The Panasonic 2023 TV range therefore consists of the following series:

• Panasonic MZ2000 4K Ultra HD Oled Meta/MLA TV:

- Panasonic TX‑55MZ2000 (140 cm)

- Panasonic TX‑65MZ2000 (165 cm)

- Panasonic TX‑ 77MZ2000 (196cm)

• Panasonic MZ1500 4K Ultra HD OLED TV:

- Panasonic TX‑42MZ1500 (107cm)

- Panasonic TX‑48MZ1500 (122 cm)

- Panasonic TX‑55MZ1500 (140 cm) )

- Panasonic TX‑65MZ1500 (165cm)

• Panasonic MZ800 4K Ultra HD OLED TV:

- Panasonic TX-42MZ800 (107cm)

- Panasonic TX-48MZ800 (122 cm)

- Panasonic TX-55MZ800 (140 cm) )

- Panasonic TX‑65MZ800 (165cm)

• Panasonic MX950 4K Ultra HD Mini LED TV:

- Panasonic TX‑55MX950 (140 cm)

- Panasonic TX‑65MX950 (165 cm)

- Panasonic TX‑75MX950 ( 191cm)

• Panasonic MX940 4K Ultra HD Full LED TV:

- Panasonic TX‑43MX940 (109 cm)

- Panasonic TX‑50MX940 (127 cm)

• Panasonic MX800 4K Ultra HD LED TV:

- Panasonic TX‑43MX800 (109cm)

- Panasonic TX‑50MX800 (127cm)

- Panasonic TX‑55MX800 (140cm) )

- Panasonic TX‑65MX800 (165cm)

- Panasonic TX‑75MX800 (191cm)