Pixel Fold, Google's first foldable smartphone, but not in France

It's official, Google is launching its first foldable screen smartphone in the United States. Before conquering the rest of the world?

The farandole of rumors can finally end because the Pixel Fold - Google's first foldable screen smartphone - is official, launched this month of June, at an indicative price of 1,799 dollars. Yes, the previous rumors about this high price -comparable to that of the competitor Samsung Galaxy Z Fold- were also founded. And if we leave it in dollars, it's simply because the smartphone won't be released in France, not at first anyway.

Google Pixel Fold, the first foldable smartphone from the American giant

Let that not prevent us from talking about this rather successful device on paper, especially since it is – we remind you – the very first specimen of its kind for Google. However, the company relies on its experience with the "classic" Pixel smartphone range, and the specialized journalists who have taken this foldable in hand agree that it is essentially a Pixel. 7 Pro, but foldable.

Google Pixel Fold, Tensor G2 processor

We thus find the same proprietary Tensor G2 processor, and even cameras with slightly lower capacities, but it's for a good cause. Indeed, these smaller lenses contribute to the minimal thickness of the device: 6 mm unfolded, 12.1 mm folded. The specially developed hinge allows opening described as smooth, and the crease on the main screen is barely visible.

Google Pixel Fold, Dual Oled Screen

The main screen has a 7.6'' (19.3 cm) diagonal, a brightness of 1,000 nits for a peak of 1,450 nits, and the external screen displays 5.8'' (1.7 cm) for 1200 nits brightness and 1550 nits peak. Both are Obedience Oled, 120 Hz and HDR. Note also 12 GB of Ram memory and water resistance with IPX8 standard.

, Google Pixel Fold, Android 14 and Dual Screen mode

Naturally, Google has optimized the software part to take advantage of the various screen configurations, with for example a Dual Screen mode for a translation application which allows the user to type text to be translated, which is displayed with the desired language on the external screen for the interlocutor. Everything will run on the latest Android 14 system.