iPhone 16 Pro Max concept: a screen on the edge?! (video)

While the iPhone 15 range hasn't even been released, the imagination of artists is literally overflowing to try to visualize what the iPhone 16 of 2024 will look like.

Everything is going so fast on the internet that we are already in the future, more precisely in September 2024, when the new iPhone 16 range will normally be unveiled.

iPhone 16 concept with a screen instead of side buttons

And it's again the YouTube channel Technizo Concept, which loves to put screens where you don't expect them, which signs an interesting concept. Indeed, after the additional screen on the back of the device near the photo module, this model sports a very small screen on the edge of the device, instead of the volume buttons. Certainly a nod to the expected disappearance of these buttons to be replaced by touch surfaces.

We're not sure how useful such a function is, but why not. Concretely, this screen acts as volume buttons, but it also displays notifications and gives access to shortcuts.