HDR Dolby Vision 8.1 compatibility with tvOS17 update for Apple TV 4K

Such a news headline probably doesn't mean much to most of you. And yet, the new features in the Apple TV 4K's operating system, tvOS17, are damn good news.

Among the many announcements from last Monday's Apple WWDC 2023 conference, if that of the Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset captured all the attention, there are some that deserve attention. This is the case of the new tvOS17 operating system for the Apple TV 4K box, with many new features (click on the previous link to discover them all).

After Dolby Vision Profile 8.4, make way for Dolby Vision Profile 8.1

Among the novelties, the announcement of support for HDR Dolby Vision Profile 8.1 is of primary interest to us. In short, there are several profiles for the HDR Dolby Vision process and until now the Apple TV 4K managed up to Profile 8.4. This authorizes, from an HDR Dolby Vision signal, to display an SDR image on a non-HDR broadcaster, or HDR HLG on a suitable broadcaster that is not Dolby Vision certified (for example Samsung televisions).

HDR Dolby Vision Profile 8.1 for HDR10 on non-Dolby Vision certified broadcasters

Support for HDR Dolby Vision Profile 8.1 now allows, still from an HDR Dolby Vision signal, HDR10 display on broadcasters that are not Dolby Vision certified. So a Samsung TV hooked up to an updated Apple TV 4K with tvOS17 will display an HDR10 signal from a Dolby Vision content source. When we told you it was good news!