iPhone 16 Pro concept with 4 cameras!

While the iPhone 15 range hasn't even been released, artists' imaginations continue to overflow to imagine what the iPhone 16 of 2024 will look like.

The floodgates are open and designers and artists of all persuasions are already imagining what the iPhone 16s will look like which will only materialize in more than a year, when the school year starts next year. Today it is the designer Ivano Frankivsk who is in pencil with a concept that stands out mainly for its photo module.

iPhone 16 concept with 4 photo sensors

Indeed, this is the first time that we can visualize the appearance of the Apple smartphone equipped with four photo sensors on the back. The critical eye will only see two iPhone X modules placed next to each other, but we will appreciate the staggered arrangement, allowing you to also fit a flash and a LiDAR sensor. Source: YankoDesign