Yamaha NS-600A, Hi-Fi 2-way bookshelf speakers

To accompany its new series of Yamaha R-N800A and Yamaha R-N1000A amplifiers, the Japanese manufacturer announced a few weeks ago at the High End show in Munich two pairs of new Hi-Fi loudspeakers, the Yamaha NS-600A and Yamaha NS-800A. Presentation of the first named before returning to the second in a later news item.

A 2-way bass-reflex library type, the Yamaha NS-600A are built around a 30 mm dome tweeter and a 13 cm midrange-woofer, both fitted with the new Zylon Harmonious Diaphragm cone. More compact than their elders NS-5000 (3-way bass-reflex) and NS-3000, the Yamaha NS-600A loudspeakers have obviously benefited from all the know-how of the brand's engineers.

Yamaha NS-600A, main technical characteristics

Many of the technologies embedded in the NS-600A are directly derived from those developed for the NS-5000/NS-3000. For example, an original acoustic absorber tube whose purpose is to reduce the impact of internal standing waves while minimizing the volume of material required.

For the rest, there are loudspeakers based on the original Harmonious Diaphgram membrane, a mixture of Zylon and spruce, for a perfect transition between low, mid and high frequencies. Similarly, there is an RS chamber (see photo above) located at the rear of the tweeter to suppress the resonances of the tube which can cause a forced displacement of the speaker membrane, therefore a sound degradation. Finally, the Yamaha NS-600A naturally benefit from components selected for their performance, for example Mcap Supreme Classic capacitors made in Germany by the company Mundorf.

We can also mention a twisted vent (see photo above) to reduce airflow noise, a recurring concern of bass-reflex speakers. Plus statutory screw terminal blocks.

Yamaha SPS-800A, high foot optional

Namely, Yamaha has developed the Yamaha SPS-800A stands specifically for the NS-600A speakers. These allow listening, in a seated position, at ear height in addition to minimizing the audio reflections that are irremediably present on a support such as a shelf or tray. These come with decoupling spikes.

Availability announced, in black lacquer (piano lacquer), for the month of August. Indicative prices: €2,598 per pair.

Reminder of the key features of the Yamaha NS-600A:

• Type: 2-way speaker

• Boomer: Zylon/spruce 13 cm cone

• Tweeter: Zylon/spruce cone 3 cm

• Load: bass-reflex

• Non-magnetic: yes

• Sensitivity: 85.5 dB

• Impedance: 3.9 ohms to 6 ohms

• Bandwidth: 47 Hz-65 KHz

• Cabinet dimensions (W x D x H, mm): 207 x 329 x 383

• Cut-off frequency: 2,600 Hz

• Max admissible power /peak: 40W/120W

• Unit net weight: 9.9 kg