LG OLED65G3 test online, the best OLED TV of the moment

To our knowledge, never has a TV experienced such an improvement in terms of performance from one year to the next, in this case the LG OLED65G3, while its technology remains more or less the same. The third generation of Oled Meta panels signed LG Display achieves the feat of maximizing the light peak by 70% according to LG, +60% actually measured. Exceptional!

In 2023, White Oled technology changes dimension. While the latter, queen of SDR content, had difficulty in the presence of an HDR signal to stand comparison with the best LCD broadcasters, Oled Meta technology from LG Display changes everything.

MLA technology is a game changer for White Oled slabs

The application of an MLA film made up of microlenses incredibly boosts the brightness displayed on the OLED panel and now honors HDR10/HDR Dolby Vision content. Never have these images been so bright and so dynamic on an OLED TV than on the LG G3. While waiting for the continuation of our 2023 vintage TV test benches, the LG OLED65G3 turns out to be the best Oled TV ever tested in our laboratory, without any discussion.

Our ultra-complete test bench of the latest LG product can be discovered immediately by clicking on the following link: LG OLED65G3.