YouTube on Smart TV, always more ads

History to encourage the public to pay to subscribe to its Premium version, YouTube intensifies the bombardment of advertisements around its videos.

“Increasingly, viewers are watching YouTube on the biggest screen in their homes,” YouTube CEO Neal Mohan said recently. Viewers, especially younger ones, no longer distinguish between the type of content they watch”.

Smart TV, 30 second spot imposed before the videos

It is therefore not for nothing that YouTube will soon be adding a new type of advertising in advance to its videos, but only (for the moment?) on its Smart TV version. More specifically, the usual succession of two advertisements of 15 seconds each will soon be replaced by a single 30-second ad, impossible to cut. Note that this new format will be reserved for the most watched content on the platform.

But that's not all. Still on Smart TV, YouTube will also add a new banner ad (see photo below) when a video is paused. Add to that a new anti-Ad-Block policy, and we understand that YouTube is more and more after your available brain time. Source: YouTube Blog