Fast X could finally have three parts and lots of spin-off films

According to Vin Diesel, star and producer of the Fast & Furious franchise, after Hobbs & Shaw, several other spin-off films are in the works, but not for any sequel… and for good reason.

In a recent interview, Vin Diesel confirmed that a franchise spin-off movie with a central female character is well in the works, but nothing will happen until the saga concludes in theaters and the theatrical release of the second part of Fast X.

A saga that is becoming more feminized

Vin Diesel says: “I started developing a film with a central female character in 2017, as well as other spin-off films. The sooner the main saga is over, the sooner I can launch the other spin-off films”.

Fast X Part 3?

Note that the second part of Fast X, the eleventh film in the cine saga, will not be released in theaters before 2025. Last twist to date, at a preview of Fast X, Vin Diesel hinted that Universal had asked to ensure that the conclusion of the cinema saga is not a film in two parts, but in three parts! Which suggests that we wouldn't see a hypothetical third part of Fast X before 2027, and a spin-off film before 2029. In short, it's running hard with Diesel! Source: Variety

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