Micro LEDs manufactured by Apple, details…

To stop depending on third-party manufacturers like Samsung Display, Apple has been preparing its own production of Micro LED displays for some time.

It's been a while since we reported information about Apple's secret project, which wants to produce its own Micro LED screens to be less dependent on manufacturers already well established in this sector, in particular Samsung Display.

Apple and its partners for the development of Micro LED screens

Japanese media Nikkei Asia recently published more on the subject, explaining that Apple has already spent more than a billion dollars over the last ten years on research and development (R&D) in this field. Once production starts (2024 at the earliest), Apple will be able to place tens of thousands of micro LED chips on substrates and then directly on electronic wafers, with partners ams-Osram (Micro LED components), LG Display (substrates ), and TSMC (wafers). This process will be implemented in the latter's secret R&D factories in the Taiwanese city of Taoyuan.

Apple Micro LED, first the Apple Watch Ultra and then the iPhone

Apple's R&D teams work in the USA, Taiwan and Japan, and are said to have designed not only the integrated circuits for the Micro LED screens, but also part of the production equipment itself to better control the process. large-scale transfer. This production remains difficult and the costs are high, which is why Apple will start with small screens for the Apple Watch Ultra, before concerning the iPhones.