YouTube on the hunt for “AdBlock”

If you're one of those people who uses an ad blocker on YouTube, watch out, because the party might be over soon.

You have surely noticed that in recent years the number and length of advertisements on YouTube have been constantly increasing, justifying for some the use of ad blocking programs, AdBlock being the most popular. Not really happy for Google, which observes a shortfall, firstly because of these unviewed advertisements, then because of users who do not pay the YouTube Premium subscription for the privilege of avoiding ads.

It unlocks more and more

So it's no surprise that Google started testing a blocker blocker, automatically disabling AdBlock-type programs for their users. Only a few Internet users are affected by what is qualified as an "experience" by Google, but there is no doubt that all consumers will be affected soon.

Talk to Google

"We're running a small, global experiment that encourages users who have an ad blocker turned on to either allow ads on YouTube or try YouTube Premium," a Google spokesperson told IGN. Ad blocker detection is not new and other publishers regularly ask users to disable ad blockers”.

Anyway, YouTube aficionados, get ready for the ad!