Samsung 2023 Mini LED TV, choice of static or dynamic Tone Mapping and record peak light

New on Samsung 2023 Mini LED TVs, the choice of static or dynamic Tone Mapping, either the choice between the brand setting for flattering HDR rendering or strict compliance with the EOTF curve for 100% rendering faithful to the attention of the director and, even more, of the cinematographer.

Our favorite calibrator, Cédric Louis, a long-time contributor to the editorial staff of and involved in all our broadcaster tests (televisions, video projectors, etc.), draws our attention to a novelty in Samsung TVs: the possibility in the menus screen, Image/Expert settings, to select one of the two Tone Mapping settings (HDR Tone Mapping), Static or Active (see photo below) A welcome development seen on a Samsung TQ85QN900C.

Samsung 2023 Mini LED TV, choice of Active or Static Tone Mapping

The Active mode corresponds to the Samsung setting, i.e. a flattering HDR rendering revealed during the measurements by an EOTF curve located above the standard. The second mode, Static, is perfectly within the norm, that is to say perfectly aligned with the EOTF curve. This is good news for those who believe in full compliance with the EOTF curve.

Other information relating to the Samsung TQ85QN900C, an absolutely monstrous peak light measurement with a value of 2,600 nits, after calibration. This is the largest peak ever seen on a television. And as at the same time, the black density is extremely excellent, we can tell you that the result displayed on the screen with an HDR signal is remarkable in every way.

As a reminder, the editorial staff of measures several dozen broadcasters each year, but we only publish those of real technological, pecuniary, connected interest... in short, those who change the game of one way or another. As you will have understood, like the LG OLED65G3 TV currently in our laboratory, we will take a closer look at the Samsung 2023 TVs for a detailed test. All that remains is to define the exact reference to pass on the grill…