Stoppage for season 2 The Last of Us

The production of The Last of Us season 2, impacted by the writers' strike, is forced to stop.

The writers' strike, which began in early May in Hollywood, has already impacted quite a few productions and it is the turn of the long-awaited season 2 of The Last of Us to be hit hard by the movement.

The two thinking heads of the series on strike

As casting for the second season had just begun and was scheduled to continue this week, everything was put on hold. Because for the moment, no script for season 2 has been written. Series co-creator Craig Mazin was seen marching in support of members of the Writers Guild of America. At present, the latter has ceased all activated on the series.

Towards a shoot in 2024?

The co-creator and co-showrunner of the series, Neil Druckmann, also screenwriter of the series, has also stopped everything. Nevertheless, the production still hopes to be able to start filming the new episodes at the beginning of the year 2024 in Vancouver. Source: Variety and @DomTheBombYT