Apple Watch 9, finally a new processor

After three successive generations equipped with an almost identical chip, the Apple connected watch will finally adopt a new processor in 2023.

According to the latest indiscretions collected by the well-informed Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, the next Apple Watch Series 9 for the start of the school year will be equipped with a new processor, whose architecture is based on the A15 specimen of the iPhone 13.

Apple Watch 9, new big heart expected

Remember that the Apple Watch 8 and 7 were equipped with a chip almost identical to the S6 of the Apple Watch 6, despite new surnames (S8 and S7). Few improvements in the space of three years therefore. The S9 chip of the next Apple Watch 9 will thus be a real new processor. There will therefore be obvious improvements, such as faster loading and longer battery life.

However, the external design of the watch should not change too much compared to the previous model.