Google Pixel Fold, it's official! (video)

Google finally unveils its first foldable screen smartphone before a more detailed presentation on May 10, tomorrow.

Published on May 4 with the title "May the Fold be You" - a nod to Star Wars - this short video (8 seconds) finally unveils the Pixel Fold, Google's very first foldable screen smartphone, intended for compete with Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold range. So the rumors were once again true…

Google Pixel Fold, photo module similar to Pixel 7

We can see on the video a rear camera module similar to that of the Pixel 7, as well as a border around the main screen, which therefore does not occupy all the available surface. No doubt these edges will reduce as the range evolves over the years. The device also seems very thin, which could corroborate the 5.7 mm thickness mentioned in previous rumors.

Google Pixel Fold, over $1,700?

More details will be revealed on May 10, tomorrow, at the Google I/O conference, but rumors point to a 5.8'' (14.7 cm) external display, a 7.6 foldable display '' (19.3 cm), a Google Tensor G2 processor, and an expensive price tag of over $1,700, not far off Samsung's price.