TCL C845 TV: Mini LED innovation in heritage (OD10 and AiPQ 3.0)

This is not the first time that we have taken a close interest in the manufacturer TCL, a Chinese group that has been digging the furrow of TV innovation for several years, first with QLED technology (TCL holds about as many patents than Samsung), then with the Mini LED process. In 2023, the brand is accelerating with no less than fifteen Mini LED televisions announced by the end of the year, including the TCL C845 series offering all the know-how of the Asian firm at a still affordable price.

Number 2 in the world TV market and in France in 2022, number 1 in China, world number 1 in Android Smart TVs, TCL through Frédéric Langin, its European sales director, affirmed its ambitions two weeks ago during a press conference in Italy at Milan Design Week. And the brand intends to assume its new role as a major screen player with a resolutely Mini LED 2023 TV range. Half of 4K Ultra HD TV series, ie four out of eight announced, are equipped with an innovative Mini LED backlighting system, at least fifth generation, also known as OD10 (see explanations below).

TCL C84, maximum performance at an affordable price

As usual, the 8 series (the C845 in 2023) stands out within the new TCL TV range as the most interesting for consumers wishing to take advantage of the latest technologies in terms of image quality, and preserve purchasing power in times of rising prices and economic uncertainty. Whether you are a fan of cinema and beautiful and large images, like those in dark rooms, or a sports fan or a fan of video games, the TCL C84 TVs meet all your expectations. The objective is to have fun, to amaze your eyes and ears, at an affordable price. All with a statutory design, able to fit easily into any interior.

TCL C845, Mini LED OD10 Technology

For this, the Asian manufacturer has gone all out. Drawing on its experience and mastery of Mini LED technology, the manufacturer is embarking on TCL C84 TVs in 2023 (and in the series to come in the second half of 2023, see our TCL C80, TCL C95 and TCL X95 news, 3 additional Mini LED TV series to come at the IFA show in Berlin) the most recent generation of its backlighting system called OD10 (for Optical Distance 10 mm). This designation indicates the very small distance between the Mini LED system and the LCD panel, i.e. 10 mm (compared to 12 mm in 2022 with the C835 screens). An essential element to explain the finesse of the C84 TVs, the basis of a successful design.

In addition to the resumption of all the new functionalities associated with the fourth generation Mini LED integrated in TCL televisions in 2022 (see our news (Update) Ultra HD 4K TV TCL C835: Mini LED , QLED, 1,000 nits, Dolby Vision/Atmos, HDR10+, 144 Hz and Google TV to discover them), the fifth generation has a significant development: a number of independent zones of the backlight system doubled for each of the diagonals (see our TCL C845 4K Ultra HD TV news: Mini LED OD10, QLED, 2,000 nits, HDR10+, Dolby Vision/Atmos, 144 Hz and Google TV), therefore twice as many diodes present (as a reminder, six per zone) and a peak logically up sharply, also doubled to 2,000 nits (compared to 1,000 nits on the C835).

Finally, the Mini LED OD10 takes advantage of the new Dynamic Alpha Technology function capable of modulating the brightness of each of the Mini LED zones in sixteen steps in order to eliminate the phenomenon of Blooming (visible halo around the zones of bright images on a black background). This fine adjustment makes it possible, for example, to specifically manage the brightness of the areas adjoining those displaying the subtitles of a film in the Cinemascope black band by imperceptibly graying out the black in order to eliminate the off-axis blooming phenomenon. Similarly, the Dynamic Alpha Technology function also improves the uniformity of the panel.

TCL C845, AiPQ 3.0 video processing

In 2023, TCL not only upgraded its Mini LED backlight system, video processing was also reviewed and optimized with the integration of AiPQ 3.0 technology based on a more powerful processor and a good dose Deep Learning (artificial intelligence), instead of the AiPQ 2.0 process that appeared in 2020. With the latter, TCL intends to support the comparison with the market leaders. On the menu, an image processing in five steps:

- AI Contrast provides dynamic brightness management based on the nature of the image in order to display maximum precision, detail and sharpness in dark and/or light areas of the screen

- AI Color constantly adjusts the different shades of the displayed image to optimize realism

- AI Clarity takes care of cleaning the signal as well as possible, for example coming from the Net, from an SD device ( Standard Definition) or a DVD, to eliminate video noise and improve contours, all to magnify Upscaling in 4K Ultra HD definition

- AI Motion refers to the motion compensation function of TCL C84 TVs. Its mission is to adapt in real time the frequency of the images displayed for perfect fluidity on the screen (no jerks or motion blur), even in the presence of rapid object movements (for example, a football , an airplane in the sky or a Formula 1 on a circuit)

- AI HDR accepts all HDR technologies available on the market, HDR10/HDR10+, HDR Dolby Vision, HDR Dolby Vision IQ, and renders them with extreme fidelity in order to preserve the artistic intentions of content creators

TCL, know-how and make it known

In several years, the Chinese firm has endeavored to develop its notoriety through numerous and prestigious sponsorship operations in the sports field. In 2018, Neymar Jr, PSG striker, also captain of the Seleção (Brazilian football team), plays the role of global brand ambassador. Also in 2018, TCL became a partner of FIBA, the International Basketball Federation, one of the most fashionable sports in the world. In 2020, before the Euro and the Football World Cup, TCL announces the signing of six new ambassadors from the world of football, among the greatest players of the moment. 2023 is no exception to the rule with the signing, a few months before the organization of the Rugby World Cup in France (from September 8 to October 28), of a partnership with the FFR (French Rugby Federation) , a guarantee of maximum media visibility for the brand.

TCL, chronicle of a programmed success

The emergence of TCL, a company born in 1985 only, in the Top 2 of the world TV market, is anything but a surprise. From the beginning of the 2010s, the group was structured around a powerful industrial tool, its subsidiary CSOT (China Star Optoelectronics Technology) counting at the time of writing these lines nine production lines of TV panels, fruit a cumulative investment of $39 billion.

This vertical integration gives TCL total control of all the links in the manufacturing chain of a television, from its design to its final assembly at the end of the production line. Today present in the audio-video and household appliance markets, the Chinese consumer electronics giant has 43 research and development centers across the planet and more than 18,600 researchers at the service of the DNA of the TCL group, innovation.

As a reminder, the TCL C845 televisions are immediately available, except for the 85'' set from mid-May. Indicative prices: €1,399 for the TCL 55C845, €1,499 for the TCL 65C845, €1,999 for the TCL 75C845 and €2,499 for the TCL 85C845.