Smartphone Google Pixel Fold, first video…

First "leaked" video, apparently authentic, of Google's first foldable screen smartphone which should be presented at the beginning of May.

You've seen 3D renders and other artists' visions before, but here are finally the first real action images of the Google Pixel Fold, Google's very first foldable screen smartphone. The leak is from Kuba Wojciechowski, a reputable developer who says he's had the device in his hands for at least a month.

Google Pixel Fold, presentation scheduled for May 10

Nothing notable on this video, however, no logo, no particular design detail, just a selfie camera on the front, and a foldable screen with rounded corners. It could as well be a Samsung prototype that we would see there as fire. Distinctive points will certainly be added before the device is released at the end of June, for a presentation scheduled for May 10 at the Google I/O conference.