Emily's bakery in Paris, no mercy for croissants

Are the croissants from Emily in Paris's bakery as good as in the series?

We no longer present the Netflix series Emily in Paris with Lily Collins as a worthy heir to Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex in the City. But the dream picture of Paris painted in the series is sometimes far from certain realities that some Parisians and tourists, fans of the series, know well, despite themselves.

No, not all the streets of the capital look like haute couture catwalks, and no, not all Parisian interiors are as charming and chic as those in which the characters of the series evolve. And to top it off, no, not all French bakeries are “crazy stuff”.

“Not Pierre Hermé but still good”

This is what some customers of the bakery in the 5th arrondissement seen in Emily in Paris (Boulangerie Moderne rue des Fossés Saint-Jacques) which served as an emblematic film set, are visibly disappointed not to find there "just a simple neighborhood bakery" and sometimes leaving harsh comments on social networks. To which the owners of the premises, deeply saddened by the situation, retort "that they are not there to sell dreams" / "that they are not Pierre Hermé" / "but that they make good stuff ”.

A positive point despite everything, the boss Thierry Rabineau, who has his picture taken or filmed almost every day, does not regret the adventure, since tourists now represent a large part of his clientele, until 40% weekdays. Source: BFM