Apple Glass augmented reality glasses, in 2026 at best

In order to integrate a technology not yet fully developed today, Apple's augmented reality glasses should be delayed until 2026, or even 2027.

In addition to the mixed reality headset that Apple should present shortly, the company is also developing augmented reality (AR) glasses which - according to specialists - will only arrive after 2025. These same specialists, in particular the analyst Taiwanese Ming-Chi Kuo, recently specified the release window for this new product: it will be 2026, or even 2027.

Apple Glass linked to the reliability of Metalens lenses

The reason for this expectation is Apple's desire to integrate “Metalens” technology into its AR glasses. A flat surface that uses nanostructures to focus light, Metalens lenses are believed to be currently in development at Apple to replace the layers of plastic covering optical lenses. Their large-scale production should begin in 2024 to manage the Face ID functionality of the iPad Pro, then the Metalens process will arrive on Face ID for iPhone in 2025 and 2026. This is once the technology has been thus tested, and validated, that it will arrive on Apple Glass in 2026 or 2027, at the earliest.