The Wages of Fear: the reboot of Clouzot's Wages of Fear by Netflix and Frenchman Julien Leclercq

Julien Leclercq, director of The Assault and Braqueurs, has just produced a reboot of Clouzot's classic. In the cast: Franck Gastambide, Alban Lenoir, Ana Girardot and Sofiane Zermani.

A total surprise that questions the company so much seems incongruous. Initially, The Wages of Fear is a novel by Georges Arnaud which will be brilliantly adapted to the cinema in 1953 by Henri-Georges Clouzot with Yves Montand, Charles Vanel, Peter Van Eyck and Folco Lulli (first trailer below).

The film tells how in Central America, an oil company offers a large sum of money to anyone who agrees to drive two trucks loaded with nitroglycerin on 500 km of tracks in order to put out a fire in an oil well. Four adventurers are chosen and begin a long and very dangerous journey…

Big (big) challenge

Julien Leclercq, the director of the 2023 version of The Wages of Fear (second trailer below), specifies in a press release: "Bringing together these talents around the reboot of such a film, for a worldwide broadcast with Netflix , forces me to put all my heart and all my guts into it. The ambition is immense. The filming of the film, which is due for release in 2024, has just ended”.

Curiously, the official Netflix press release does not mention another adaptation of George Arnaud's novel entitled Sorcerer (The convoy of fear ) with Roy Scheider, Bruno Cremer, Francisco Rabal and Amidou, and directed by William Friedkin in 1977. Since then, it has become an essential classic of cinema. We wish the director of Chrysalis, Sentinel and Braqueurs to do at least as well as the director of The Exorcist, French Connection and Federal Police Los Angeles…