USA: linear television has not said its last word

Viewing habits of American households for the year 2022.

With a close eye on 345 independent OTT services in the United States, Parks Associates has drawn up some interesting figures on the viewing habits of American households in 2022.

USA, use of linear television still important

We learn that 87% of households connected to the internet subscribe to at least one OTT service. However, 44% continue to watch pay TV, indicating that there is still interest in linear and/or live TV, even with advertising.

American viewers who love OTT zapping

Other bulk statistics, 40% of households share or use other people's passwords, even more than in 2019 (27% then), and 63% of households have a Smart TV. Finally – and this isn't the first time we've read it – 48% of subscribers cite a specific program as their primary motivation for subscribing to a new service. To the point of changing OTT service several times a year…