Radio, the leader in car listening in the United States

What type of media do Americans consume in the car, but also on public transport, or on the plane?

According to a recent survey conducted by Hub Entertainment Research, 63% of Americans listen to OTA (over the air) radio all or most of the time while in the car.

The radio acclaimed in the car

It is thus the media most listened to during car journeys, ahead of subscription audio services (31%), satellite radio (30%), personal songs (28%), and music/radio services free (26%). 39% of respondents say they would prefer to buy a car equipped with OTA radio, compared to 31% for satellite radio, and 27% for Apple CarPlay.

Radio and personal music in public transport

Small nuance in public transport, where half of respondents listen to OTA radio every time, or most of the time, almost as much as personal music (48%), free audio streaming (47%), free video streaming (47%), and audio/video services by subscription (45%).

Books and personal music popular on the plane

Finally, on the plane every time or most of the time, books are the most used (37%), followed by personal music (33%).