What happens to old smartphones?

The smartphone industry pushes every year to buy the latest model. But what is the fate of the replaced devices?

In 2022, CIRP (Consumer Intelligence Research Partners) conducted a survey to find out what users did with their old smartphone once they bought a new model. It turns out that iPhones and Android devices do not have quite the same fate.

Used Apple iPhone with high residual value

Thus, 43% of iPhone users trade in hard cash for their old device from Apple, against only 14% for Android. Indeed, Apple smartphones retain more value, even used. When they buy a new one, 54% of Android owners decide to keep their old device, compared to only 23% for iPhones.

15% of a new iPhone had an Android…

7% of respondents resell their iPhone (4% for Android), 13% give it to a friend or family member (11% for Android), and 6% recycle it (9% for Android). Finally, we learn that 15% of new iPhone buyers used an Android smartphone before, and keep their old device just in case. Let's add that there are also more creative ways to get rid of your old smartphone.