Tenacious, the Apple Watch saves another life

It was thanks to the tenacity of Apple's connected watch that a man was able to escape probable death.

In our series "the Apple Watch (still) saves a life" (we never get tired of it), it's a man from Cleveland -Ken Counihan (photo below)- twice a grandfather, who sees his time on Earth extended thanks to alerts from the Apple smartwatch.

Blood Clots Vs Apple Watch

Avid user of the Apple Watch to track their sports activity, sleep, etc. he received a breathing rate too high alert last October. At the insistence of his son, he goes to the hospital which diagnoses bronchitis, for which he is prescribed medication. But that's not enough to convince the watch, which then indicates a lower blood oxygen level than usual (below 90 instead of 100).

Not feeling particularly bad and in a hurry to go to bed, Counihan went to the emergency room anyway, again on the advice of his family. Good for him since the doctors this time detect blood clots in the lungs, the kind that sends you to the cemetery if they are not detected quickly enough.

A shot of blood thinners later and Counihan is back on his feet. It should be noted that health professionals specify that among people thus affected, 60% do not wake up if they go to bed… Thank you who? Source: News5Cleveland