Picnic at Hanging Rock: Peter Weir's spellbinding masterpiece coming soon to 4K

On February 14, 1900, young girls from a boarding school went on a picnic trip to Hanging Rock. On the way back, three boarders and their teacher are missing...

An unclassifiable masterpiece, Picnic at Hanging Rock reveals the young filmmaker Peter Weir (31 years old at the time) and establishes him as one of the leaders of the Australian New Wave.

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Adapted from the eponymous novel by Joan Lindsay (1967), the film takes us to a place of worship dear to the Aborigines, the sacred mountain of Hanging Rock. At the heart of its mysterious entrails, time freezes and sensory awakening explodes the Victorian yoke.

Incredibly unique with its vaporous aesthetic and impressionist touches, this cult nugget inspired Sofia Coppola for her first film Virgin Suicides (shot in 1999, it will be released in 4K at the cinema on July 12). Picnic at Hanging Rock will soon be announced in France in a 4K UHD version restored by ESC. To be continued.