Apple TV 4K 2022, QMS function available

When the Apple TV 4K 2022 box was announced, the Apple company had promised to add the QMS functionality that appeared with the HDMI 2.1 standard at a later date (see our news item HDMI 2.1 standard, welcome official additions, technical and ergonomic). It is now.

The Apple TV 4K 2022, to our knowledge, is therefore the first multimedia box to offer the QMS (Quick Media Switching) function. As a reminder, the latter eliminates the passage through a black screen during a change of source associated with a change in the display frequency.

QMS, kesako?

Available in the Settings/Adapted to content section, the QMS function allows you to instantly switch from one display frequency to another (23.976 Hz, 24 Hz, 50 Hz, 60 Hz, 120 Hz), there or without QMS a black image appears for a few moments (see illustration above). Of course, this instantaneous switch is only possible if the other parameters of the image remain unchanged: resolution, color, dynamic range, etc. Concrete case, if you switch from a 4K Ultra HD source to a 1080p source, the QMS does not work.

TV Oled LG C3, LG, G3, LG Z3 compatible QMS

Of course, to take advantage of the QMS process, in addition to the Apple TV 4K 2022, the broadcaster must also be QMS certified. And when looking at the televisions available in the market, they are rare. Only LG at the CES show in Las Vegas 2023 last January indicated that a selection of its Oled TVs (LG B3, LG C3, LG G3, LG M3 and LG Z3) and LCD (LG QNED81, LG QNED82 and LG QNED86) vintage 2023 would be equipped with the QMS. Last clarification, Apple does not specify whether earlier versions of the Apple TV 4K box would benefit from the QMS function via a future Firmware update.