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If House of the Dragon was by Studio Ghibli

Artificial intelligence is once again called upon for an improbable but successful mash-up between the Game of Thrones spin-off and Japanese animation.

To fully enjoy this series of images (video below), two conditions must be met: be a fan of Game of Thrones, and more specifically of House of the Dragon on the one hand, and appreciate Japanese animation on the other hand. OK, are you there?

House of the Dragons animated version with Midjourney at the controls…

In line with the "anime" trailer of Game of Thrones which was all the rage in 2017, this work differs however via the use of technologies of the "future", namely the artificial intelligence program Midjourney which contributed to the design of these images taken from House of the Dragon, with the style of the Japanese animation studio Ghibli.

Game of Thrones in animated version on Space Mayo

From Rhaenyra Targaryen to Daemon to King Viserys, almost everyone is there. And if you're more into old-school Game of Thrones, this YouTube channel -Space Mayo- also offers an anime version of the original series.