Gears of War (Netflix) pays the scriptwriter of Dune!

The film adaptation of the cult video game pays the scriptwriter of Dune.

Jon Spaihts, screenwriter of Dune, Passengers and Prometheus, will co-write the live-action film adaptation of Microsoft's cult game Gears of War, intended for the Netflix streaming platform.

War in perspective

He said in a statement: "Gears of War is one of the great action games of all time, with dense characters that evolve in a beautifully designed world and a combat system that conveys the dangerousness of the war and puts into perspective the importance of standing alongside your teammates if you want to survive. I want this adaptation to be very cinematic, and I'm thrilled to be able to help make it real.”

1 movie + 1 series

The film will adapt portions of the game and will be released before the adult animated series, also in development for Netflix. The game's developer, Coalition, is involved in the development of both projects. As a reminder, the first-person shooter launched in 2006 on Xbox, takes place on the planet Sera and depicts the unprecedented war between a warlike species called Locust and a few human survivors, who must evolve on a bruised planet.

Since its launch in 2006, the various games in the franchise have sold 40 million copies worldwide. It's one of Microsoft's three biggest video game franchises along with Forza and Halo. Source: The Hollywood Reporter