HomePod equipped with a screen: Apple not rich enough to release it in 2023…

The arrival of a new model of Apple HomePod connected speaker with integrated screen continues to become clearer. But the subdued justification of its marketing date, in 2024 only, is surprising. Especially coming from Apple, arguably the most profitable Hi-Tech company in ages…

A few weeks ago, the indiscretions gathered from Asian manufacturing chains by the often well-informed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, indicated that Apple will release in the first half of 2024 a new type of HomePod connected speaker with the particularity to be equipped with a 7'' (17.78 cm) screen.

HomePod with delayed screen due to limited investment

Recently, Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman – also well informed – confirmed this date, adding that the device was initially planned for -2023 but that it has been delayed. Reason mentioned, optimize expenses to be more efficient in a difficult economic context. Indeed, delaying this new HomePod would allow Apple to redirect its resources to more pressing projects like the mixed reality headset. The company would thus maintain an image of financial stability, to avoid the drastic measures taken by the competition - Meta, Amazon, Microsoft, Google - such as mass layoffs.

The economic crisis is strongly affecting the Hi-Tech/New Tech sector

The economic crisis is therefore there, especially for technology stocks for which the backlash is violent. Even Apple, champion in all categories of profitability for a lease, is forced to restrict its investments. In addition to the departures from certain key positions in the firm that have not been replaced, it would therefore now be the firm's product release schedule that would be impacted... Source: macrumors